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Aspen Mountains Tutorial

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Come paint with us! Follow along as we instruct an acrylic paint class. 
This Online Class Bundle Includes:
  • A Class Video Access Link.
  • No Pattern Included. This is a Freehand piece. 

*Downloads may not open on an Android or iPhone, but are easily accessible on a PC or Laptop.

*Supplies not included

Recommended materials can be found at most local craft stores: 
  • An 8X10 or 11X14 inch Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint Colors: Phthalo Blue, Deep Yellow, Black and White. 
  • Cup for rinsing.
  • Napkin for wiping off paintbrush.
  • Pallet (plate!) for paint. 
  • Paint Brushes: #12 Flat (or larger), #6 Round, #2 Detail.